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Solid Foundation. Brighter Future.

Immigrants from Scotland, Italy, and Sweden who possessed stone cutting skills came to New England in the late nineteenth century to work in the burgeoning granite industry in Maine and New Hampshire. Among these hardworking men was my great-grandfather, who helped lay the foundation for hundreds of skyscrapers and public buildings throughout the United States. The work was hard and often dangerous. Attention to detail was essential and a trustworthy, skilled, experienced crew was the key to safety and productivity.

The lessons I have learned from past generations have inspired me to create Granite Capital Management, a new approach to retirement planning and investment management where attention to detail and trust lay the solid foundation for a brighter future for you and your family.

Principal and Founder Granite Capital Management

Financial markets are unpredictable. Remember 2008?

The cornerstone determines the strength of a structure. The cornerstone of your financial structure is a diversified portfolio, with investments carefully screened and selected, competitively priced and rebalanced. Your allocation of assets is only completed after a thorough fact finder and risk assessment. This helps align your investments with your goals.

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Let Granite Capital Management Build You a Solid Foundation

At Granite Capital Management, we promise competitively priced investments with complete transparency. You will not see expensive asset management programs or high priced variable annuities with investment restrictions.

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Here's How We Set You Up for a Brighter Future

Success requires planning and preparation, and it’s not one size fits all. We want to hear about your life and your goals. Then, we’ll calculate targets and tailor recommendations to meet those specific needs. This is not a cookie-cutter portfolio.

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Mitchell H. Grant, ChFC

I have been a registered representative and financial advisor since 1989, and in that time I have seen many changes in the financial services industry and my clients’ lives. I have helped dozens of clients, including my parents, prepare and implement long-term care financing strategies.

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